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To formally submit a recording for review consideration, please send all materials to the following email address:


Please include a link to high quality sound files (Dropbox, Google Drive, that don’t require additional permissions to access -- outside of the individual reviewer, your tracks/albums won't be distributed to anyone, in any form), a one-sheet or digital liner notes or booklet, a high resolution cover of the album, and an optional photo of the artist(s) or ensemble. Please send materials that include the album name, principal artist(s), tracks names in order, track running times, personnel information and instruments (including solos for each track when applicable), production and technical personnel, and recording dates and locations (if available).


A small amount of additional information about the artists, compositions, or concept of the project could all be helpful in understanding the intent behind your project. 


My Jazz Review is interested in a wide variety of music so anything related to jazz or the projects of jazz musicians are considered.

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